Are you hoping to become healthier or lose weight, but struggle with overeating or knowing how much protein, veggies, etc. to eat to lose weight? 

  • Do you struggle going out to eat with your significant other or with a group of friends, because you have NO idea how many calories come in your entree?
  • Does the thought of counting calories for the rest of your life (so you don't gain the weight back) exhaust you?!
  • Are you familiar with how much protein, smart carbs, veggies, and healthy fats you should be consuming at each meal? Because let's get real... 20 grams of protein equals how much chicken?!
  • How do portion sizes change when you reach your goals?!
  • Do you knowthe only tool you need is your hand? Seriously--no measuring cups, food scales, or ANY OTHER TOOLS!

All of these reasons are exactly why I created the Portion Control Guide! 

I've helped countless women take action, lose weight and get into the best shape of their lives. I've created this guide and worksheet to help you follow the exact steps I take with my clients to help them portion their meals with confidence and ease, all while leading them towards their goals. 

Are you ready to forget calorie counting FOREVER, and to perfectly portion out your meals using just your hand?

In this workbook, you'll learn:

  • How to perfectly portion your meals based on the size of your hand. After all, your hand is proportionate to your body, is always with you, AND is easy to visualize! 
  • How to customize your meals with your specific goals in mind, so you feel satisfied after each meal, but are still pushing towards your goals! 
  • How to adjust your portions once you reach your nutrition and fitness goals, so the results you achieve are LONG-LASTING!
  • To kiss calorie counting GOOD-BYE, once and for all!

You'll also receive a customizable, daily meal tracker that ensures that each of your meals contain protein, veggies, smart carbs, and healthy fats, because THIS is the combination that will keep you full WHILE shrinking your waist size!

Are you ready to take action, become a master portion planner, and lose serious weight without the stress of counting calories or measuring out every meal on a food scale?!