28-Day Fab Ab Core Challenge

Are you ready for a slimmer, stronger, and more defined core in 4 weeks? 

  • Without ever stepping foot in the gym?
  • Without using any equipment except a yoga mat and towel?
  • Without spending more than 20 minutes a day, 4 times a week working out?

Kiss the days of boring crunches goodbye!

You dream about having a slim waistline and chiseled ab muscles, but doing hundreds of crunches a day won't get you there! I'm willing to share a little secret to help you chisel those ab muscles. 

The real secret to slimming your waist and defining your core is that it takes HARD WORK and a variety of different and unique core exercises to constantly shock (and as a result sculpt) your ab muscles! Our bodies adapt to exercise more quickly than we would like, which means that our ab muscles get bored doing crunches every day in the gym. In other words, doing hundreds of crunches WON'T get us that sexy six pack because to our abs, crunches are old news. 

The 28-Day Fab Ab Challenge includes over 40 unique core exercises and over 15 bodyweight cardio exercises to keep your body changing (which as a result revs your metabolism) for 28 days straight!

The 28-Day Fab Ab Core Challenge Includes:

  • 3 Core Workouts and 1 Cardio Workout for each of the 4 weeks (16 workouts total). Each workout takes 20 minutes or less to complete, all workouts can be completed at home with a yoga mat and towel
  • Photos, descriptions, and videos, so that you know exactly how to safely and properly execute each exercise
  • All exercises are time-based, so whether you're a beginner or an athlete, the workouts will challenge and change you
  • A weekly workout checklist to keep track of completed workouts
  • A Plank challenge at the beginning, middle, and end of the 28 days so you can measure your progress
  • Motivation, accountability, and support in my private Facebook group for women

Are you ready to chisel your abs?

Who is the Fearless Fab Ab Leader?

My name is Sarah Pelc Graca, and I empower women to lose weight for good through a unique one-on-one online coaching experience centered around food, fitness, focus, and foundational habits, so that they can gain the confidence to lead a happy, healthy, balanced life--without giving up their favorite foods or spending hours in the gym. With a background in Psychology, Personal Training, and Nutrition, I help my clients understand and overcome past roadblocks while moving towards a healthy lifestyle.

As a NASM-certified Women's Fitness Specialist with over 6 years of experience, I created the Fab Ab 28-Day Core Challenge to help you stay engaged, motivated, and committed to creating the body and life you desire!

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